A2 Chemistry

This is a CAIE 9701 Chemistry A'levels Course and focuses on A2 Level

Module 1 Entropy
Unit 1 What is Entropy
Unit 2 Entropy, Microstates & Probability
Unit 3 Entropy Calculations
Unit 4 Predicting Sign of Entropy Change ΔS
Unit 5 Calculating Entropy Change of a Reaction ΔS
Unit 6 Gibbs Free Energy ΔG
Module 2 Born-Haber Cycle
Unit 1 Introducing Born-Haber Cycle
Unit 2 Born-Haber Cycle : Example Questions
Module 3 Solubility of Group-II Sulfates & Hydroxides
Unit 1 Solubility of Group-II Sulfates & Hydroxides
Module 4 Electrochemistry
Unit 1 Introducing Electrode Potentials
Unit 2 Types of Electrodes
Unit 3 Standard Hydrogen Electrode (Reference Electrode)
Unit 4 Electrochemical Cell and Cell Notation
Unit 5 Electrochemical Cell Examples
Unit 6 Constructing Redox Equations using Electrode Potentials
Module 5 Analytical Chemistry
Unit 1 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance